User experience

Below, you can access a demo of how the Ensure Platform can be configured to combine education, verification, and the enforcement of a good level of device security.

The implementation is easy to perform on an existing web portal and is used to enhance overall security before sharing information with non-managed devices used by individuals such as consultants, brokers, or employees with personal devices. All dialogues and behavior are configurable from the Ensure web platform, and the scope can be easily set through policies.

Please note that if you have previously completed this demo, you will need to use an incognito browser to view the dialogues a second time.

The demo will open in a separate window.

On this web portal, they ask for the compliance status of this visitor’s device before continuing with the login process.
If you are unsure about something, you will have the option to get more information on how to remediate, or what to do in the next.
If the portal owner like to verify your answers before letting you in, they are able tighten the security by introducing the Ensure verification app, which will verify the security status on the device.