Built from the ground up for the cloud, Ensure’s unique architecture delivers the performance, scale, elasticity, and concurrency today’s organizations require.

Ensure is a single, integrated compliance platform delivered as-a-service. Ensure eliminates the administration and management demands of traditional compliance data systems, making it an ideal solution for modern third-party device security.

Category Manufacturing

Sharing detailed manufacturing specifications may contain confidential data that you wish should also be secure at third-party devices.


Sharing core information about your products with subcontractors require trust. If their device security is not up to date, there is a strong possibility that this core information is unintentionally leaked.

Professional services

Do not take for granted that persons providing professional services are security conscious. Accountants, solicitors, and consultants carry an abundance of your information on their devices. Ensure can have you check if these devices are secure.


Many areas in thisa field has not traditionally a high IT saturation. This may result in employees using their private devices for work related information exchange. Devices which security stance is not checked.

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