“Ensure delivers the scale and flexibility for organizations to expand the perimeter to also include external devices.”

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Uncomplicated Compliance

Ensure is an ideal solution for third-party device risk mitigation. Easy to install, self-populated enrollment and zero admin.

The system is delivered as-a-service.


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No Device Enrollment

No enrollment of users: The U.S. patented Ensure technology checks the security status of any device without having to onboard them into a mobile device management system (MDM).

Ensure does not manage devices. Instead, the system checks devices at the time of login to make sure that they have the required security features implemented.


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Targeted Soft Roll-Out

Gradual roll-out: It’s possible to target specific IP-addresses and gradually open up for more IP-numbers to go through the device security check.



Enforcement Override
Your administrator has the capability to manually override a "non-compliant device" status response. This functionality can also be delegated to Ensure’s 24/7 Helpdesk.
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Patented Encryption Detection

Ensure verifies full disk encryption, FDE, with a minimum 128 bit key length, regardless of whether it is OS-native (BitLocker or FileVault2) or any other vendor encryption software. File or folder encryption technologies are not approved as they are not considered secure alternatives.

Ensure verifies that passcodes are activated on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. It also checks that Android devices are not rooted.

Cross Portals

Once the app is downloaded and installed on a device, it also works for device checks on other websites/portals that have the Ensure platform installed.

After the app has performed a check it remains inactive until the next time a device security validation is requested from a website.

System override

In case of a “false-negative” device response your system’s helpdesk can override the check. This capability can also be handled by Ensure’s 24/7 Helpdesk Team.

  • 24/7 support team
  • Eliminates the risk for lockouts
U.S. Based

The Ensure servers are based in the U.S. with mirroring and redundant backups for highest availability. The U.S. patented Ensure technology is developed by the same team that developed PointSec – a world leading full disk encryption software.

All communication between the Ensure App and the Ensure servers is secured by TLSv1.2.

  • U.S. Based servers
  • Patented technique
  • High availability
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