Ensure eliminates the administration and management demands of traditional compliance data systems, making it an ideal solution for modern third-party device security.

Most devices have seamless logins to servers and cloud services. An unsecured device may put your organization at risk. In a shared work environment it’s important to also secure your third-party devices, such as your brokers/agents, vendors and consultants.

Ensure security beyond the corporate network. Protect data at every access attempt, from any device – a cornerstone for Zero Trust.

The security of the device is assessed through a series of questions prompted at a portal login. Each device follows its own track of education depending on the answers.

We provide insights and suggestions for how to improve the security of the device. The system has a suggested default setting for the educational flow and cadence of prompts. You can use these default flows, or you easily create your own.

Finally, the device security can be verified by an agent download. The agent is a one-time installation that is called upon at subsequent logins to verify real-time security compliance.

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