Security & Trust

The US patented Ensure technology has been developed by the same team that developed PointSec – the world leading full disk encryption software.

The Ensure servers are based in the US with mirroring and redundant backups for highest availability. All communication between the Ensure agent and the Ensure servers is secured by TLSv1.2.

Trust through Education
Ensure provides an extensive, configurable educational block that interacts with your third-parties, prior to offering a voluntary download of an app.

The comprehensive education and insights establish the foundation required for a successful roll-out.

Device Security Verification
The Ensure app is downloaded once and verifies that a device is secure. Once installed, the app resides dormant on the device and performs security verifications only at login. Checks report IP-address, date, time, device ID, browser, operating system and security status.

No personal data is collected or stored. The app also checks that Android smartphones and tablets are not rooted.

Encryption Verification
Ensure verifies full disk encryption with a minimum 128 bit key length. The app detects full disk encryption regardless of if it is OS-native (BitLocker or FileVault2) or any other vendor encryption software. File and folder encryption are not approved technologies.
Prevent Disruption
A case number is generated for blocked devices. Your support helpdesk can manually verify if the device is secure and remotely allow the user to log in. This capability can also be delegated to Ensure's 24/7 Helpdesk.
Security Policy
Customize the security settings to correspond with you third-party risk management program. The security policy can be set to match various needs across multiple login portals.
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