Ensure for Zero Trust

Most devices have seamless logins to servers and cloud services. An unsecured device may put your organization at risk. In a shared work environment it’s important to also secure your third-party devices, such as your brokers/agents, vendors and consultants.

Ensure security beyond the corporate network. Protect data at every access attempt, from any device – a cornerstone for Zero Trust.

How it Works
Ensure is a US patented technology for organizations to educate, assess and enforce the security of third-party devices.

Trust through Education

The security of the device is assessed through a series of questions prompted at a portal login. Each device follows its own track of education depending on the answers.

We provide insights and suggestions for how to improve the security of the device. The system has a suggested default setting for the educational flow and cadence of prompts. You can use these default flows, or you easily create your own.

Finally, the device security can be verified by an agent download. The agent is a one-time installation that is called upon at subsequent logins to verify real-time security compliance.

  • Your antivirus is turned on
  • Your hard drive is encrypted
  • Your firewall is turned on
  • Your OS is not up-to-date
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Web based Admin

The system populates itself through login attempts by the third-party. Consequently there is no need to on- or off-board devices.

Compliance statistics can be uploaded through an API. There is no ongoing admin once policies are set. It’s a true Plug-and-play!

Compliance Dashboard

You don’t need to train your technicians for the administration of the system. Once implemented, it automatically educates, verifies and, if you decide, blocks non-compliant devices.

Real-time monitoring of all devices is done through the dashboard.

Third-party Devices
Ensure supports PCs running Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 Home, Pro and Enterprise as well as Mac OS, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets running iOS (4.2.1 and later) and Android (4.2 and later).

Ensure supports most browsers: Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser and Safari.

Device Security Detection & Self-Remediation

The agent reports IP-address, date, time, device ID, browser, operating system updates and the status of encryption, anti-malware and firewall. No personal data is collected or stored. Once the agent is installed all future compliance checks are seamless.

Ensure is agnostic and detects security flaws regardless of vendor or operating system. The agent also checks that Android devices are not rooted.

The results are reported back to the platform, as well as to the user, who gets the opportunity to self-remediate any lack of compliance within the platform.

There’s also the capability to block a device, if that’s your policy.

Install a JavaScript

All you need is two lines of code:  The dashboard contains an implementation guide, as well as the JavaScript code needed to activate Ensure on your web portal.

Once installed, your web login portal is secured by the Ensure technology. Each device that logs in will be prompted to read the educational popups and/or download an agent depending on how you have configured the system during setup.


Real-time compliance statistics can be downloaded from the platform or accessed through an API.

  • Overall compliance
  • Education engagement
  • Verified devices
  • Blocked devices
Set your own security policy

Customize the security settings to correspond to your third-party risk management program.

  • Anti-Malware check is enabled
  • Encryption check is enabled
  • Firewall check is enabled
  • Updates check is enabled
  • Passphrase check is enabled
  • Rooted check is enabled
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