Financial Services
Financial Services

Increasing legal and regulatory requirements for financial services organizations call for a new approach to address third-party device security.

Ensure is a device security platform that’s delivered as-a-service. Zero ongoing administration makes it ideal for modern device security governance.


The insurance industry consists of both captive and independent brokers, as well as a multitude of carriers for different consumer and corporate insurance needs.

In-network Providers

Your in-network providers are easily educated and checked for device security by Ensure.

Brokers & Agents

Your independent agents and brokers are educated and checked for device security by Ensure at login.

Work from Home

Let your staff work from home on any device – educate and check for device security with Ensure.

Bank & Asset Management

Security is key for the banking industry. Endpoint security is vital for both team members and devices belonging to customers.

Bank Customers

Help your bank customers verify and check the security status of their devices as they log into online banking.

Financial Advisors

Educate and check for device security with Ensure before you allow your financial advisors to access your network.


Let your employees work from home from any device – educate and check for device security with Ensure.

Investment Banking

Not many other industries keep as many secrets as Investment Banking. Sharing data with third-parties while at the same time as ensuring that their endpoints are secure is key. Any leak can be devastating.


Make sure to only share data with lawyers that use secure devices.

Bidding Situation

In a bidding situation preparation any information that could manipulate the market needs to protected in order to comply with the law. Only share sensitive data to secure devices.

Board Members

Many board members are outside of your IT network. Ensure that their devices are secure before you allow them to download any board material.

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