What is Ensure?

The Ensure Platform is a U.S. patented technology that allows large corporations to educate, verify and enforce the compliance of third-party devices. The Ensure agent is a small piece of software that verifies if your your device is compliant with a set IT-security policy. Ensure helps users to understand if they are using a secure device or not. Insecure devices are not safe to use when handling sensitive or personal data.

Once a device has been checked, it becomes a trusted device to use when accessing and retrieving data from hosted websites and databases.

The software does not encrypt the device, and it is not able to access, nor manipulate, any data on the device. It is purely a check of the compliance status and will provide a self remediation path in case the device is not compliant.

Is it safe to install?

YES. There is nothing in the software that can manipulate your system and it will not cause the device to crash.

Do I still need to login?

YES. You still have to login to the site, using the same credentials as before. Ensure only check the compliance status before allowing you to reach the login dialogue. It will NOT record, or hold, any credentials.

Can I continue working as normal?

YES. The check is only done when you access the website.

What is the agent doing when not in use?

The agent will be available as a local service, in case a website requests a renewed compliance check. Please note that the check is agnostic and will work with any site protected by Ensure. By having the service already available, you will not have to download and install the software again.

How about access from a phone?

When you access the protected website from a phone or tablet, they will also be checked. The Ensure application for phones and tablets is available on Google Play for Android and AppStore for iOS. Contrary to computers, most modern phones already have encryption installed as standard, it just needs to be activated. To activate it, you will need to go to Settings/Security.

Will my files be encrypted when I email, or back them up now?

NO. The encryption that we mandate only encrypt data that is saved on the disk. Back-ups and information copied elsewhere are still in clear text. We therefore also recommend you to do any back-ups to a safe place, like AWS S3 back-up service.

I have all my applications in the cloud. Do I really need to secure my computer?

YES. You need to protect everything you store on the device. This includes passwords that you use in order to login to cloud applications as well as browser information and temporary files. When compliant, you can confidently say that your login credentials to cloud data also are protected in case someone gets physical access to your device.

Will the Ensure software be able to access any of my data?

NO. The software is not able to access any of your data. This includes Web browser history, emails, stored information or saved passwords etc. Its only purpose is to check if your device is compliant.

Is Ensure Endpoint Technologies collecting any data?

The software does not collect any data that you store on your device other than necessary information about what web browser and operating system that are being used. It also checks if the device is compliant or not.

Can I delete the agent afterwards?

YES. If you do not want it to reside on your device, you can delete if after a compliance check. However, if you are a returning user you will need to re-install it at a later stage, as checks are being done with regular intervals.

What happens if I change my device?

The application is device specific, so you will be asked to install it again if the service isn’t already running on that device.

Will it affect my device performance?

NO. There is not performance degradation related to this software service.

Will my personal firewall block the installation?

PERHAPS. If your organization has very strict security settings implemented, you may not be allowed to install this compliance check. If that is the case, please contact your company IT administrator, as the security policy needs to be updated.

It is not any difference to install Ensure from installing any other software.

How do I know it isn’t Malware I download?

As with all software you download from Internet, you should be vigilant. You can check that the software you download is genuine by doing the following:

  • Is the URL (The web address) to the login page the same as before?
  • Will the redirection point you to https://auth.alertsecaccess.com when you click on OK?

If both are correct, you are safe.

Will my Anti Malware block the installation?

PERHAPS. You will most likely be asked if you trust this software to be installed. Please, click YES to ignore any standardized warning dialogues.

What if my Anti Malware system still blocks the installation?

If that happens, please contact the support team. They like to collect information to prevent it from happening on other devices, and may be able to manually let you in.

How do I uninstall the agent on my Mac?

APPS installed AFTER February 1st 2024:
Go to the Finder/Applications. Right click on the Ensure App and choose “Move to Bin”

APPS installed BEFORE February 1st 2024:
Run the following command in your terminal. You will be prompted for a password:
sudo launchctl stop “com.alertsec.ensure.agent” ; sudo launchctl remove “com.alertsec.ensure.agent”


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