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You will now be able to sign-up for a free 30-day trial of the Ensure Platform.

Just click on the blue “Register for trial” button to sign up. This will give you access to the web-based administration platform used for the Ensure Third-Party Device Security system. No credit card is needed.

Please note that if you have previously done this demo, you will need to use an incognito browser to see the pop-ups a 2nd time.

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Password *
On this web portal, they ask for the compliance status of this visitor’s device before the standard login process can continue.
If the visitor answer No/I do not know, they will be presented with a configurable message with information or what to do in the next step.
If the web portal owners like to verify the visitors answers, they are able tighten the security by introducing the Ensure verification app, which will verify the security status on the device used to access the web portal.