Healthcare & Life Science



The insurance industry consists of both captive and independent brokers as well as multitude of carriers for different consumer and corporate insurance needs.

Medical Practitioner

Are you sure that all medical practitioners that you communicate with have secure devices?

Work from Home

Let your staff work from home with any device – educate and check for device compliance with Ensure.


Help your contractors to verify and check the security of the devices they use when communicating with you.

Clinical Labaratories

Security and keeping personal data safe is key for the clinical laboratories. Endpoint security is a vital part even if the endpoint is in the hand of a third-party that you communicate with.

Urgent Care

Urgent Care unit can easily be educated and checked for device compliance with Ensure.


Educate and check for device compliance with Ensure before you allow advisors to access your network.


Let your employees work from home with any device – educate and check for device compliance with Ensure.

Pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical companies keep many secrets and patents. Sharing data with Third-Parties at the same time as ensuring security at Third-Party devices is essential.


Sensitive information can be shared with external legal firms. Make sure that you can confidently verify that this information is stored securely once this information leaves your network.

Work from Home

With Ensure you can make sure that the device that will receive the information you are about to share is compliant. Your data falling in the wrong hands can become very troublesome…

Board Members

Many board members are not very tech savvy and are outside your network – with Ensure you can check that the devices they use, when downloading board material, are compliant.