Rectify your lock screen compliance

Change your lock screen timeout and enforce password.

If your computer does not require a password and/or has an activation delay of more than 5 minutes,
Ensure will highlight your computer as non-compliant.

To correct the lock screen non-compliance, please follow these steps:


  • Go to “System Settings” and search for “Screensaver”
  • Open the “Screen Saver Settings” and set the time to a maximum of 5 minutes
  • Tick the box “On resume, display log-on screen”
  • Click “Apply”

Mac OS

  • Go to Settings and search for “Lock screen”
  • Set “Start Screen Saver when inactive” to “For 5 minutes” – or less
  • Set “Require password after screen saver begins or display is turned off” to “Immediately”
  • Close Settings
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