Endpoint validation

Secure cloud services and online applications by validating endpoints before allowing access.

Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities on a device before allowing access.

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Welcome to Ensure
Strengthen your entire security chain and validate external devices with an endpoint security hygiene check-up. The Ensure system provides easy integration with FIDO and MFA enabled websites. Policy enforcement and conditional access settings are configurable from a web-based admin platform.

Major US insurance carriers trust Ensure.

Trust through Education

Communication with the user is essential for a successful roll-out and adaptation. Ensure offers a configurable educational block to ensure that the security measures you want to enforce are fully understood and accepted.

  • Your Anti-Malware is turned on
  • Your hard drive is not encrypted
  • Your Firewall is turned on
  • Your Operating System is up-to-date
  • All user accounts on the device has a password
Encourage self-remediation

It’s important that device owners can fix any compliance issues promptly, without contacting a helpdesk. The Ensure platform has a built-in capability to instantly guide users to self-remediate an identified issue.

  • Your Anti-Malware is active
  • Stored data is not encrypted
  • Your Firewall is active
  • Your Operating System is up-to-date
  • Passphrase is set

The Ensure platform detects security flaws regardless of device type or operating system. You can rest assured that any data downloaded to external devices have adequate security in place.

  • Your Anti-Malware is disabled
  • Your device is encrypted
  • Your Firewall is active
  • Passphrase is set
  • Your Operating System is up-to-date
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Third-Party Risk Mitigation for large organizations
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Third-party visibility

The Ensure real-time assessment platform provides a security “health check-up” of third-party devices or team members’ at-home computers. Up-to-date statistics will identify potential flaws and vulnerabilities.

Third-party Devices
Ensure supports PCs running Windows 8, 10 and 11 Home, Pro and Enterprise as well as Mac OS, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
Anti-malware check enabled
Encryption check enabled
Firewall check enabled
Passphrase check enabled
Rooted check enabled
OS update check enabled
Set your own Security Policy
Customize the security settings to correspond with your risk management program for external devices.
We are pioneers in endpoint encryption (PointSec Inc.). Our customers have inspired us to develop a platform to assess external devices. This is the core of Ensure Endpoint – device security controls for anti-malware, data encryption, firewall and operating system updates.
Ebba Blitz
Co-Founder and CEO of Ensure Endpoint Technologies Inc.
Trust unmanaged devices
The Ensure platform - a powerful tool that enables you to extend your security perimeter to unmanaged devices!
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